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Mash Up Monday and PE with Mr Hodgson.

Mash Up Monday is a special day for one half term only.  Y5 and Y6 are mixing together to do some art work based on nature.  This week all the boys made brilliant pictures on the grass using found natural items, and the girls did some fabulous  observation and photography with the iPads.

The boys had a wonderful time with Ms Robinson collecting and making, and the girls and I had a lovely ‘chilled’ afternoon with some beautiful drawings and creative photography.

Next week it all swaps over!  What will be produced?

The children have been brilliant this week, working and playing together across both classes. I’m hearing lovely things about the games and chats bringing all the girls together outside – a real bonus for our little group of Y5 girls!

Mr Hodgson came in for his second session this week, and the children are really enjoying their netball lessons with such a skilled teacher (sorry, teachers, Mrs Reed!)

I do apologise for the lack of photos appearing on this blog – I am trying to work out (with the help of the children) how to share our iPad photos, but they are all there ready to go so watch this space!

A new year in Y5

We’re almost at the end of our second week, and what a lot of work we have done!

Lots of fabulous planning, writing and typing in Literacy, as well as learning about the structure of our Reading Carousel.

The children have been brilliant at place value and we are now practising some written methods for calculating answers in maths.

Science is going well, learning about lots of different parts of the body and their jobs – today we found out all about the heart, and yesterday it was the digestive system!

PE with Mr Hodgson will take place on Fridays, starting tomorrow.


Class routines are now in place, and the children are working hard to stick to our Golden Rules:

  • Treat everyone the way you would like to be treated.
  • If you make a mistake, be honest about it.

It is a really important year, so we all need to focus on working hard, being nice and learning well!

Some photos will be on here soon.

Who will be our Superstars tomorrow?


Thank you!


SO much to all of you for a lovely year, we really enjoyed working with you and you have been a fabulous class.



SO much for all the lovely messages, cards and gifts we received at the end of term, we were overwhelmed and you are all so kind.


We hope you have a great time in Year 6, good luck and don’t forget about us!


Mrs Shotton and Mrs Roberts x

The Emperor and The Nightingale

The Emperor and The Nightingale - Green Park Primary School's Photographs and Videos - Powered by Phanfare


We have been finding out all about bubbles – how to make them, how to make them bigger, how long they last, which direction they travel in, what colour they are, what speed they travel, can we change their colour, can we paint them, can anything float inside a bubble, can you poke a bubble without popping it…. and much much more!

Here are a few of the pictures, more to come:

Bubbles on PhotoPeach

Southport Eco Centre

We had a great day of learning at the Southport Eco Centre. Mr Lloyd taught us all lots of new things, and he emailed me to say how delightful the class was, and what lovely and polite children you all were. He has now sent me the videos you made, which we will look at in class as I don’t think they are in a format I can share on the blog. (However, I will try!)

Here are some pictures:

Southport Eco Centre on PhotoPeach

Junior Chef

As part of our spanish week we did some cooking.
I hope you all enjoyed your delicious Tortas de limon… Now they are safely eaten, here is how they were made. No excuses for lack of help in the kitchen now, Y5, you’ve shown off your skills!

Junior chef on PhotoPeach

St John Bosco sports

During sports week, we joined with St John Bosco’s Y5 to do some athletics, tennis and rounders.  Here are some pictures (finally!) of our afternoon.

Thanks to the staff and children of St John Bosco for a lovely time, and a very sporting session!

Sports with St John Bosco. on PhotoPeach

Final Week of Y5

One week to go, Year 5!

After a great sports day yesterday, we now look forward to the play on Thursday.

Please remember to come to school via the back door to Y5 and Y6, about 5.40, ready to get changed and get on stage to do your best singing yet!

Lots of photos in the wings, ready to show your parents, of sports, bubbles, trip to the Ecocentre and much more!

These should be on tomorrow or Friday, along with some play photos, once we have done the dress rehearsal.

Don’t forget your bubble homework for Friday – photos of bubbles you have made, a fact you have learned, an investigation you have done at home, etc – it doesn’t have to be a big task, but hopefully a fun one.  Has anyone made a bubble big enough to stand in?

Parents form for Space Presentation!